Victoria Lemmus

Victoria Lemmus

Victoria has a way to make you feel seen through her art. Her photography captures the sense of sonder • 'the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own' • evoking emotion & a sense of understanding. 

Someone once said to me: “Thank you, you’ve found words to my feelings.”

◇ Victoria Lemmus is currently located in Los Angeles, California  ◇

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How did your art find you?

My dad is a very artistic person. He writes, paints and is all about feelings. Growing up I would always see him taking photos and videos out of everything and everyone- I was completely infatuated by it. When I was I was six-years-old, he gave me my first camera and since then I haven’t stopped taking photos.

He also always encouraged me to write. Whether it was writing sad love songs and short stories, or attempting to do poetry, they all revolved around raw feelings.

For me, it has always being about love and heartbreak- at a young age I fell deeply in love with melancholy. That’s when I found out that I breathe better through my words and see clearer through my lens.

But I never thought that I’d be able to create something with both; photography and writing, together as a whole. I always thought of them separately. It wasn’t until recently that I figured out that art is whatever you want it to be. As long as I’m honest and vulnerable- there are no rules.

What has encouraged you to continue expressing your life through art?

People, feelings… people’s feelings.

I’m a very sensitive person. I have my feelings at the edge of my skin. I feel everything so deeply. And growing up, that wasn’t a good thing. I had to learn to push down my feelings and pretend I wasn’t feeling them. As I was fighting these feelings to be kept in a locked box, I wasn’t able to create the art that I wanted- it wasn’t authentic. But the moment I let myself feel everything without remorse- I was free. I began to speak about it and to create with it, that’s when I found out that most people feel the same and/or have experienced similar things.

Someone once said to me: “Thank you, you’ve found words to my feelings.”

That was everything to me- I carry those words with me.

And that’s what encourages me to keep expressing my life through art: people’s feelings.

Victoria on her creative process

 Sometimes I’m walking down the street and I see a moment that reminds me of something I once wrote in my room when I was 15 or something I wrote waiting for the subway in New York at 25-years-old. Sometimes the emotions are evoked after I take the photo, in my editing process. Others are simply a lyric to a song that I once listen to on repeat when my heart was broken for the 10th time. Or a quote from a movie that made me tear up because it was something I once experienced.

The thing that these processes have in common is that they’re all about feelings- expressing raw emotions.


In what ways do you want to impact your audience?

The only thing I’m sure of is that I’d like to make people feel something- anything.

When I create I like to use my blood as ink. I think that’s why I am vulnerable and honest, not only in my art but in life, because people should know how others feel. That’s what makes us humans.

Guess at the end, I’d like for someone to find a part of themselves in my art.

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