Rosie Sayers Design

Rosie Sayers Design

"Rosie Sayers is a young Graphic Design student from Australia. her love of landscape photography and colour, Rosie aims to transport the viewer to other magical worlds through her digital and hand cut collages."- Redbubble

Rosie Sayers ushers you to a time where cosmic oneness & imagination dance in perfect harmony. With psychedelic vibes and a color palette of divine femininity, Rosie creates the parallel universe of your dreams. Her pieces are constructed using vintage National Geographic clippings that she treasures. 

◇ Rosie Sayers Design is currently located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ◇

⇝ Her art is currently available for purchase online here ⇜

What is the most exciting part of the creative process?

I love the process of searching for material in op shops and second-hand bookstores. There is no better feeling than finding a stack of dusty, National Geographic magazines sitting in a back corner of a second-hand store. I love to sit somewhere peaceful and flick through my large collection of old school magazines. As I turn each page, my imagination runs wild with hundreds of different ideas. So much that I keep a notepad and a pencil to put my ideas to paper.

 How did your art find you?

I've grown up with a full time artist as a mother, therefore I felt I was always destined to create. Mum would decopauge furniture with funky bright colours and pictures to then sell them at markets. Playing around in mums studio growing up, and playing with her decopauge paper is where I first found my love for bright colours and cutting and pasting images together. 

If you could pick an ideal location for your studio- what would that look like and where would it be?

My dream is to have a little studio full of windows and natural light, in a small beach town. Sitting amongst a large overgrown garden, with tropical plants, flowers and sculptures nestled in the towering green mass. It would be filled with colour, artworks and other bits and bobs that inspire me. 


Take a listen to this groovy girl's all time favorite tune: 

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