Plant Haus

Plant Haus

Finding inspiration from the natural world, Jasmine hand cuts, tapes and solders all of her glass pendants from scratch. The flowers and leaves are collected from her adventures and pressed with care. Every piece has a story and is an attempt to preserve a little bit of the macrocosm.

Jasmine, how do I begin to describe this special woman? Her sweet transparent essence is as fragrant as the flower she is named after. I was first introduced to her art via Instagram. As I watched her craft grow, I was inspired by the way she captured beauty. It appears almost effortless. Her art, like her soul, is a living entity in tune with the rhythm of nature.

◇  Plant Haus Designs is currently located in Seattle, Washington  ◇

Her creations are available online at


How did your art find you?

I have always been drawn to the arts. I’ve tried many mediums and never found anything I felt passionate enough about to pursue long enough to get better at. I’ve tried painting, ceramics, photography etc. I started seeing those geometric glass terrariums pop up all over the place and really wanted to try my hand at making them. I learned how to cut glass and solder and really enjoyed it! I felt like that market was pretty saturated though, so I wanted to try my hand at jewelry. It just kind of came to me and I made my first pressed flower glass pendant and my girlfriends loved it! They all wanted one, so I made more and more and now it’s my business!

If you could pick an ideal setting for your craft/studio where would it be?

I would eventually love to have a studio in a shared space with other artists. I gain so much from being surrounded by other creative people. I would love a classic white studio with big windows and lots of plants. Someday!

What do you draw inspiration from?

This is a great, but challenging question. I see so many amazing female artists cranking out work on Instagram and admire them so much. I admire their concentration and their confidence to showcase their work to the world. I draw inspiration from them and from my time spent hiking and appreciating the flow and cycles of the natural world. I just want to preserve as much of it as I can and have fortunately found my own way of doing that.

Take a listen to what Jasmine may be jammin' on her adventures in the wild:

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All photos provided by Plant Haus in collaboration with Jordan Voth

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