Laura Goe

Laura Goe

Laura Goe, like her work, surrenders to the cosmic flow of the universe. Her oneness with the Spirit of Creativity oozes from each piece like sweet honey. 

"My hope is you allow your mind to release its desire for control and allow the painting take you to your deeper self."

◇ Laura Goe is currently located in Santa Barbara, California  ◇

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How did your artistic medium find you?

After many years of painting traditionally with acrylic, I found freedom in fluid art and paint pouring. It has taught to me let go of the desire for control - on the canvas and in certain life situations. 

I was painting a bright pink set of waves on a 4 foot plank of wood with acrylic and a paintbrush. I had been painting realism for most of my life but all of a sudden it felt empty.

I poured a large bucket of water on it to start washing it off to start over and there it was

Colors swirling together - moving. 

The painting was alive again. It gave me a tingling feeling inside, something I hadn’t felt for a really long time. Once I started to get comfortable with fluid art I took on plant based epoxy. 

The magic began the second I did my first pour. It has taught to me let go of the desire for control - on the canvas and in certain life situations.

My technique resembles the process of life. There is so much transformation each step of the way. Each painting begins as an abstract imitation of natures beauty, a canvas of colors, shapes and movement. Slowly, layer by layer it starts to become its own life form. The contrast of acrylic and resin creates depth and dimension sparking the imagination to run wild. As I continue to let the paint lead the way into a creative flow, a form of mental or emotional intention is put into the painting. Weather it be for environmental awareness or the soft heartbeat of new life, my goal is to help remind individuals that there is beauty in the depths of our hearts and souls. There is beauty in the way we feel.

What has been the biggest inspiration for you to continue pursuing art?

It’s therapy, it’s a gift from above (or bellow who knows) it’s my way of moving through the ups and downs of life.

When I reflect on the times of my life where I was not creative at all, I see how dark those times were. In order for me to not get to those mental places again I need to continue to paint. 

Another big part of my inspiration is my grandparents. They are Japanese Americans who lived through being put in encampments and having everything taken away. My grandfather drew maps and military vehicles for the army in World War 2 once he was released and a little bit older.

He was not bitter, he wanted to be of service and share his creative abilities for our country. My grandparents worked very hard to give their children and now us grandkids a save place to create, grow and give. 

I create for them just as they created for me.

What captures your heart & inspires your work?

I am an island girl at heart, both my grandmother and I know we came from islands in past lives.

Clear ocean waves, jungles, vibrant flowers and sunsets fill me with so much joy I just have to create those emotions on canvas. 

I’m also intrigued by outer space. I like to envision different planets with life and environments that seem so ethereal you’re not sure if you’re dreaming or you died and this is the afterlife.

Laura's Creative Process:

There’s a lot of prep work for this type of medium, I’ll make sure everything is covered, leveled and ready for pouring quickly.

I put on music that I vibe with the whole time. Absolute must. Turn up the speakers really loud!

Take a few breathes and let it flow.

There’s no planning because whatever I plan will not happen and be totally different with this medium ! 

How do you tap into the Spirit of Creativity?

I believe that it isn’t “me” who paints but the universe allowing me to create a message. I’m a vessel for something far bigger and greater than myself or this world.

I don’t push myself to get into the creative spirit because if I do, it’s not genuine and that will come through in the final piece. 

I do my best to let things be, once I receive a twinkle of inspiration I follow it’s lead.

But there are times when I’m distracted by stresses or daily life and I have to make myself stop and create something so I can get balanced again. 

Take a listen to Laura's current heart song below:

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