Kendall Webber

Kendall Webber

Kendall is an extension on her work. These ethereal beings pull on your heart strings. Their large eyes, like windows to the soul, create a feeling of knowing within your spirit. As you gaze upon these feminine and erotic creatures you find pieces of your own soul. 

Her beautiful and extraterrestrial characters all touch on the themes of identity, sexuality, beauty and evolution. 
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◇ Kendall Webber is currently located in Southern California  ◇

⇝ Prints and originals are available on her website ⇜

Describe the aesthetic of your work, where do these cosmic women come from?

I like to think of myself as a multi media artist, however drawing is the genre of art I enjoy creating in the most. My drawings are on one hand heavily line oriented, delicate, detail obsessive, yet simple and sometimes grotesque. 

This character is a means of expression of real life situations or fantasies I have. She helps me convey my emotions when words won't suffice. She represents my vision of beauty ✧ exaggerated ideal features with many wonderful imperfections.

I used to dress up as versions of her frequently while in college. It was that expression that made it all click for me. I was realizing more about myself when I discovered that this women I was drawing, was actually me. It was a release, allowing me to have fun with my art in contrast of how tense and nerve racking my current life was.

It was this realization that showed me that my art does not have to be constricted to one medium as well. I started to have fun after that! Making collages, painting, making clothes, and performance; things started to come together. It's humbling to know this character and what I do with her will continue to grow and evolve with me on my journey as an artist. She is a mirror to my journey giving me the freedom to evolve just as she will.

What is the main force behind your journey as an artist? Essentially, why do you continue?

I have an absolute need to create. All I want to do with my art & life in general is to create beauty.

Beauty in the ordinary, in pain, in love.

I want to find the light, showing the pleasures in my experience. Relating this to the overall human experience.

Creativity keeps me going, I don’t know how life would be without it and don't want to find out.


How would you describe the Spirit of Creativity?

Creativity works in different ways with different artists, depending on what inspires you. Some face challenging road blocks where the art of creating becomes difficult while others have a ever flowing fountain of creativity.

I find that I can fall into those ruts of being stagnant. The trick is to just keep working even if it feels uncomfortable or unsatisfactory. But when my brain is on, it's on. I feel crazy sometimes with how many ideas will pop into my head. Out of nowhere I'll think “wow, I want to create this concept in the desert of a runaway bride..." or wake up and think "today I'm going to paint 1700's Marie Antoinette French girls " shit like that. 

What a rush it is finishing a piece that was merely a thought in the back of your head, then there it is in front of you.

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When Kendall was asked about what music we would find blasting in her studio, her answer resonated with me deeply:

To be very honest with you I have not been listening to ANYTHING lately while I've been working. There is a power in silence. I have found that sometimes the reason why I could have trouble conveying my message is that there's just too much noise. Noise inside my head, driving with music, hearing the background noise of the tv. I crave times of quiet. It's felt good to allow such a special time to also act as a meditative experience.  

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