Megan Greenwood will take you into the forest and down to the sea. She is influenced by her dreams, turning them into stories and recreating them into whimsical and imaginative wearable art. She explores textures and materials to create pieces that feel as if they have been pulled up from the earth, from the ocean or woven by a little bird. Megan Greenwood is a storyteller, a maker and a sculptor.

Megan creates jewelry fit for a Mermaid Queen. Her goddess like nature transforms the beauty of the earth into a wearable creation. Celebrating life in all forms, she is able to open our eyes to the true artistic beauty of this planet. 

◇ Emgee is currently located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ◇

Her wearable art is available online at The Little Shop of Emgee

How did your art find you?
This is such a great question! I would say it found me by accident. I never sought out to be an artist. Growing up I didn’t even have it in mind as a job option. Even though I have been creating art since I could pick up a pencil. I went from drawing to making sculptures from found objects. As my life changed and my interests grew stronger, I felt a pull towards the things I create now. My art has evolved dramatically over the years. I was a house painter by trade and art was my hobby. Now I am creating daily, I constantly push myself to do better, always dreaming of the next thing I want to make. I guess my art found me while I was doing life. 

I use it to help me express my emotions, all I want to do is create and make things that people will enjoy wearing and love! I want to make people feel empowered and it makes me so happy to see when people love what I am creating. I want to keep building bodies of work that people can relate to and find pieces that resinate with them. I am not interested in following fashion trends, I just want to create what I feel and what I love. This is how I am able to keep it as my passion and a job.

When did you first begin your craft?
I created Emgee in 2008 I used to make rings, necklaces and headpieces out of antique silver cutlery. My most popular pieces were the brooches I had made. I would turn them into little creatures such a Sparrows, Owls, Foxes, Elephants, Rabbits and I had made many commissions, one of a kind little creatures. After two months of making I was stocking my jewelry in 8 stores/galleries around Melbourne. In 2012, I decided to go to Tafe to get some formal training. I had so many ideas but I was unsure how to execute these ideas. At that stage, I had only been self-taught. When I graduated in 2013 I had re-invented what and who Emgee was and it has never stopped evolving.

What is the most exciting part of the creative process for you?
Ohh I would say, when I first get into my little cave, I put on some inspiring music and I start carving. I don’t over think what I’m doing. I just listen to the music and feel what I am creating. Then the most exciting part happens when I see the objects forming into what were just thoughts… It’s there, in my hands, I’m just carving away and there it is. I get surprised sometimes because I don’t always know how my designs will form. I’m in the moment carving and enjoying my surroundings. It’s that moment when you look away from what you have been creating and then come back to it and say to yourself… wow I’m so proud of this! This is what, was on my mind. It’s so exciting to be able to create those ideas into something that others can also enjoy, see and touch.

What is it about your surroundings that has captured your heart & inspired your creations?
My surroundings have changed so much over the past few years! They are probably not what you would expect by all of the nautical jewelry that I create. I have lived in the city for the past two and a half years. I loved all of its madness, it helped me to grow and to see outside the box. I was very lucky to always be surrounded by art and creative people. It gave me the opportunity to work with some very talented artists, designers and curators. I’m a dreamer so no matter where I go, I find inspiration. People and their stories inspire me. My relationships have inspired me. I take time to be in nature. I grew up in the country and spent most of my summers by the sea. These memories have stayed with me and along the way I have found other inspirations. Some of those being old black & white films and stage shows. The beautiful women photographed in their 1920’s risqué costumes and art deco performing arts. One of my favourites is a film by George Melies in 1904 ‘The Mermaid La Sirene.’ As well as Fashion Photographer Tim Walker, his mind is beautiful. Documentaries and books… my list can go on and on.

Emgee's swingin' studio tunes: 

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✧ Collaborating Photographers- Ashleigh Dondio, Jessica ShepardSunny & Caitlin May

✧ Sirens- Carolyn Uphill & Snow ✧

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