Cora Whisper

Cora Whisper

At some point in your life you will come along a being that radiates a golden auraCora does spiritually & physically through her art. It was that golden drawn that inspired me to immerse myself in this woman’s creations. Cora has the gift of ushering in the Divine spirit of Femininity. The darkness and light both celebrated, creating a cosmic marriage of the Spirit of Creativity and Feminine forces. 


◇ Cora Whisper is currently located in Southern California, USA ◇

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How did your artistic medium find you?

Being creative has always been a large facet of who I am. In elementary school, my favorite subjects were music and art class because I enjoyed just loved outputting! I have always been a very sovereign being, I had no siblings and few friends I could relate to, that made communicating with others difficult, making me feel like I was awkward. Creating, in any form, has always felt natural and comfortable, and making art has been a way for me to communicate something beautiful.

I painted with watercolor and ink illustrations through out high school. It wasn't until I was 18 where I began to call myself a painter.  I explored the new road with acrylic paint, I loved how potent the colors were and how they blended like honey, how the texture was just another added language learned by the artwork. I slowly transitioned into oil paint during the first year of teaching myself how to paint-- and this was a very uncomfortable shift. I felt oil paint was the best medium for me to work with in order to take myself seriously. At the time, I was leaving art school in Montana and moving to California in the ole' pursuit of happiness.

I had a lot of projections about what kind of painter I wanted to be, and honestly which kind of person I wanted to be. This unknown opened a lot of pathways but also closed a lot of doors at the same time. My medium was like finally working with a teacher you had heard about, wished to learn from, but still managed to justify why you aren't worthy of learning from them. I had a lot of self doubt initially, and my medium came to me as a teacher both to humble and empower me. There was a lot of trial and error, I had painted and covered up so many of my pieces trying to explore the world of color bending. My medium found me in the fetal position, in a time when I was asking myself how I wanted to show up in the world.  

Why do you continue to pursue art?

My understanding of artwork is always evolving. There was only one moment in my life where I felt I had figured it out, but as artwork usually does, I was shown yet another whole new world. I think that how humanity relates to artwork psychologically and spiritually will always be one of our greatest mysteries. We are at a time where art is held in reverence more now than ever. Artwork transcends what we know, and I like to think about how miraculous it is that man is in a place where we can put our energy into sharing ideas. If you would've asked me last year, I would have said I will be an oil painter until I die. That is still a truth, but I am learning to explore other mediums as well and when I reflect on my changing ways I'm able to see the direct correlation between my inner creative world manifesting my outer world. 

Life's genuine unfolding will always reflect what is going on with my work! I am so grateful I allowed myself time to feel and also time to rest. We must be easy with our artwork and where we draw our inspiration. I see the story of my artwork as a sensitive life, and I think that's why I am so fascinated with other artists' stories. It's so personal. I think that just being human, having these emotions and this human experience,  is the inspiration for me to create. 

What inspires your creations?

Simply put, my creations are inspired by what feels good and right. Women, this planet, the way color speaks to itself and to textures, how a good paint stroke can feel like a waltz with ones self. I love the story I can create in a glance, the old saying "a picture paints a thousand words". I've always loved drawing women, maybe it's because of the strong relationship I had with my mom being just us two, or how every time I looked in the mirror I saw one looking back. I see the women figure and feminine essence as a template I can tap into and reflect on my own experiences, the same way I've used Goddesses in my work. The earth's curves are symbols that follow me and continue to encourage me to create with feminine force. 

The history of art has also become the landing point for me to explore what is happening in my own creative process. I feel that so many artists can relate that the timeline of our own work mirrors the timeline of humans creating art. I'm inspired by the way our nature is molded like sandstone and water with what we relate to artistically. I feel connected to the planet, and to humans before me when I explore ways of making art, whether it be painting, drawing, dancing, foraging, cooking, or weaving. I am reminded of all the humans who were brave enough to put something on paper or mold a figure out of clay. I believe that the Great Divine gave us the gift of artwork • to co-create with us, help us relate to others, and to help us understand ourselves. And who am I to give back a gift? 

How do you tap into the Spirit of Creativity?

During the winter of 2017, I experienced my own changing of seasons which made me feel disconnected from the force of creativity. I felt cold, like a dormant seed just wanting the frost to thaw in an endless blizzard. To share my truth, creating is sometimes the last thing I want to do. I felt that my artwork was constricting me, demanding my attention and energy rather than inviting me to play. I suddenly felt like everything I was making was crap. I knew something had to give, but I didn't know what. I've been learning to be more careful with my intentions, so rather than claiming I was "quitting art all together" and throwing all my paintings into a closet like I would have in the past, I took a different approach.

I began with cleaning my art space, the corner in my house that usually has paintings drying or art supplied scattered across. Instead of tossing my paintings in the closet like junk, I created a nice space for them that was still hidden but more respectful. These are now my prayers. These are now my children. I chose to set them aside out of love, like how a mother would when she was mad at a child who didn't know any better. They are sensitive pieces. 

I also took time away from social media to reflect on what was important to me. I was able to travel, spend more time with friends and explore markets to make meals, which was I learned later was a creative outlet I had been neglecting. I needed to stop muddying my brain with image after image, as social media floods our vision. I couldn't be lucid with my own artwork when I subconsciously was thinking about someone else's. 

Come early spring, I began to finally awaken from my creative hibernation. I allowed it to be easy, slowing taking one painting out after another being diligent not to overflow my capacity too soon. 

Creating wont always be comfortable, but it should be fun. To tap into the Spirit of Creativity, I need ample time to collect myself and take myself on artist dates. Just me and my inner artist (child) going on a date to do something fun, whether it's a hike or going to the beach, or learning a new skill. Self care rituals are also important, my personal favorites are sun soaking and visiting the bath houses in my area. 


Just listen, and you'll know what to do.


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